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Homeschooling novice


I used to think of myself as a semi-creative person.  I thought “homeschooling will be a snap.”  Because I had so many ideas for fun and creative ways to learn/play with my kids!  So here’s my qeuestion… where did they all go???  Now, I sit down with my 2 big girls (ages 5 and 2.5) and we do the pre-school type books we’ve collected from Walmart or Barnes and Noble while the baby (almost 6 months old) is napping. 

Gabi is learning to recognize numbers, but knows all her letters and the sounds they make.  I am surprised at how much she knows!  Cloe also knows all the letters, sounds, and is getting better with numbers.  Although half of her numbers come out backwards when she writes them…

Generally, every morning, they beg to do school.  And more school.  But I guess I’m bored.  I think it should be more fun!  My older sister, Danielle, somehow has an endless flow of creative and fun school ideas for her kids.  How does she do that???  At times, I try to blame my utter lack of creativity on being tired or drained from the busy-ness that is our life.  But then I think “eh… I only have 3 kids.  My sister currently has 5 that she is taking care of.  That excuse won’t work…”  Let me know if you think of one that I can still use.

Sometimes we’ll go for a walk outside and treasure hunt.  We’ll talk about flower types, pine cones, different kinds of clouds, etc.  That’s fun, but only now and then.  We’ll collect all the pinecones and then count them, divide them in half, take away 1 and recount, etc.  But this only holds their attention for a few minutes.  That’s about it!  You’ve heard my list of creative ideas.  I’d really appreciate hearing from those of you who are like my older sister.  How do you come up with these fun ideas for teaching and keeping your kids in the “I love learning!!!” mode?