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EZLN – “revolutionary” murder


It’s hard for me to believe that we are just now hearing about this.  It frustrates me that if there is an earthquake in some remote part of the planet, we hear about it within hours. And yet here is live, in-your-face persecution against Christians, happening just a couple hours away, and the news takes weeks to reach us. And that, only through friends. I highly doubt that it’s made American news.

The Zapatistas (EZLN) call themselves a revolutionary group. They spout stuff about wanting to improve Mexico and buck the government’s faulty system. But so far, they’ve just killed many innocent people, and taken over land that is not rightfully theirs. At the heart of their “disputes” are Christian vs. Catholic issues. Back in 1994, things got ridiculously out of hand. They ransacked numerous villages and towns, killing MANY innocent people in their takeover. Finally, the government stepped in and stopped it all in a hurry. Not in time to save all the lives lost or homes burned. But at least it stopped. Since then, the EZLN has been relatively quiet. They say they have changed their strategy to a non-violent one and are attempting to gain support just using the internet and becoming friends with the NGOs here. The Mexican government has heard no end of protests regarding their involvement. They have been endlessly accused of picking on the poor indigenous of Mexico. Ridiculous.

This-morning I received an e-mail from a dear friend who has family out near Agua Azul. Over a month ago, this Christian community was attacked at 3 am with club and machetes and fire-arms. 4 confirmed dead, 14 maimed and beaten, and 12 still missing. The locals believe that those 12 were abducted by their attackers, the EZLN. I debated posting the pictures I was sent this-morning, but decided in the end not to. They are pretty guesome. If you are interested in the e-mail (it’s in Spanish) and pictures I can send them to you.

Please pray for the vicitims of this most recent attack. Pray for the dozen individuals still missing, as well as their families. Pray that justice will be served and that this is not the beginning of another EZLN rampage. I believe the governement is slow to step in where it concerns the EZLN, due to the harassment they recieved over the last time they stepped in! I am praying that someone will have the courage to step up and protect the innocents before things get worse.