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Attn: Beth Moore fans


I found such a little treasure online!  I’ve known for some time that you could go to Beth Moore’s website and download a whole bunch of her messages, for just $4 each!   I thought that was pretty cool.  There are some series in there, as well as a bunch of individual short studies.  So I went there for the purpose of checking these things out and maybe download one to put on my mp3 player.  What better thing to listen to while washing dishes, right?

But then!  Through a series of clicks, I found myself looking at this huge list of messages you can listen to for free!  Granted, you can’t put it on your mp3 player and take off with it for free.  But you CAN just click on it and it will play through your computer!  Just like that!  I grabbed my knitting needles (don’t be impressed… I only know how to make dishcloths!) and clicked on the first of a series of 3 messages called “What wisdom looks like on a wife.”  For the next 30 min I worked on my dishcloth (how do those mysteriously vanish from my kitchen, anyway???) and listened to Beth.  It was the best 30 min of my morning!

Here’s how you get there.  Go here, to the list of broadcast archives.  And click away!  http://www.oneplace.com/ministries/living-proof-with-beth-moore/listen/broadcast-archives.html