Orphanage Schoolhouse


A few weeks ago I mentioned a new project at the orphanage, and I promised to tell you about it soon. Well the day has come! Have you been on pins and needles? I was sure you were. 😉

"Muchas gracias!!!" from the Casa Hogar Canaan family

Casa Hogar Canaan (the orphanage we work with here in Chiapas) is now a certified school! This is good news for Yara (the mama) on so many levels. She was already homeschooling her 22-35 kids (the numbers are constantly changing). But now that they are considered a school as well as an orphanage, the government has sent 2 teachers to help her! I can only begin to imagine the relief she is experiencing. For the last several years, Yara has taken care of all educational needs from the dining room table and wherever else the kids found room to sit. For years, she has been thinking that it would be nice if there were a place they could do school and keep all their books and things. So they began construction on a building.

The outside of the school house

The outside of the school house

As you can see, it’s a rough start. But it’s a start! Their schoolhouse funds have been exhausted, but there is still so much to do!

This is the inside of the schoolhouse at the moment!

This is the inside of the schoolhouse at the moment!

They still need windows, doors, lighting, floors, a restroom, desks, and preferably some sort of heating as well. We estimate that all of this could be done nicely for $20,000. Wouldn’t you  love to be a part of this project?? You don’t have to have hundreds of dollars to spare. If every person who cared would send $10, we would make major strides toward finishing this building for this precious family.

Sweet boys!

Sweet boys!

I’ve set up a YouCaring account for the project. Because who doesn’t love to watch that ticker on the side of the page climb towards our goal?? YouCaring makes it so easy to donate. Just follow this link and the click on the blue “Give” button to make a secure PayPal donation.


Or if you prefer to send a good old-fashioned (tax-deductible) check, you can do so to this address:

Cross Country Ministries
c/o Louis I. Cole, Attorney
3710 Rawlins St., #950
Dallas, TX 75219
Please write “Teopisca, Mexico Orphanage” in the memo line.

I will post pictures as often as I can of progress being made on the schoolhouse. Even if you can’t send money, maybe you can re-post this to your blog or facebook? Thank you in advance for your help! I can hardly wait to post the blog that shows you a finished building. 🙂


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  1. Hi Julie! Just wondering how the building project for the school went? I can’t find any photos or updates on the project and I just read that you’re not working with them anymore. Thank you.


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