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So much more than desert


By far the most common misconception we hear about when we are in the U.S. is that Mexico is one huge, hot, dry desert. Nathan and I were talking about this right after we crossed the border a few weeks ago. As we drove through breath-taking scenery and said over and over “wow… look at that… definitely is not desert.” That’s when the idea struck. I’m going to take pictures! All the way to Chiapas! Unfortunately it didn’t occur to me until the second day across the border. But hey! That’s when it gets really pretty, anyway.

So grab a tall glass of horchata, sit back, and enjoy a quick tour through the real Mexico! (You can hover over the picture for a description.)

The fields North of Mexico City

Huge basket of strawberries for $10

Volcano (on left) and mountains East of Mexico City

Mt.Orizaba with a Cocina Economica (Economical kitchen restaurant) in front!

Village nestled into the mountains above Cordoba

lunch stop at a gas station

bananas growing at the gas station (straight above Brennah's little red head)

marshy flatlands

Now entering Chiapas!

Nothin but green Our favorite mtn. We dream of going rock-climbing there!

Mal Paso. Getting closer now! On the toll road from Tuxtla to San Cris. Breathtaking!

Our town! San Cristobal de las Casas.

We have never been so thrilled to be pulling in to San Cristobal as we were this time. It’s so good to be back where God has called us to serve!

There you have it!! Mexico is so much more than desert. If you haven’t already been, you must put Chiapas on your list of places to visit! We’d love to show you around our beautiful state.