Birth of a miracle


He’s here. In my arms. Smiling in his dreams and melting my heart with every little squeak he makes! I will post more details later, when I can see straight. For now, here is our first family of 6 photo!

William Asher James
8-17-12 at 8 am
20″ long, 8 pounds, 2 ounces

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  1. So happy for ur entire family. Will is not only a blessing to u guys, but to all of us who new this little miracle is certainly set for greatness (as all of our children are). Congrats as ur son is a blessing to us all!!!


  2. I am SO laughing at Kiki’s comment, even though I don’t know her. She’s right… you ARE gorgeous, your baby is gorgeous, your family is gorgeous, and I am praising the Lord with you at His amazing goodness. Congratulations, Julie, on your little miracle man!!!


  3. Oh Lord how gracious You are to the sons of men! Thank you for sparing precious William’s life and for giving Julie patience all these “heavy” months. Wow, Gaby, you can’t get a birthday present any better than that!


  4. Congratulations Nathan and Julie! We have been praying for you. Children ARE a blessing from the LORD and HE has definitely blessed. Enjoy every minute, raising kids is the best thing ever!


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