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Christmas Project `11 Report!


There is something so wonderful about being the hands who deliver gifts to an orphanage for Christmas.  It really is an incredible honor, and I am so thankful that you gave us the opportunity to do it again this year!  Since their requests were practical things (sheets, shoes and kitchen utensils) it wasn’t quite as thrilling for the kids.  But Yara (the mama) was pretty thrilled!

(To see a larger image, just click on any picture below.)

Quality sheets!!! Hooray!

Cooking utensils… it’s hard to have enough for 23 kids!

Everyone received TWO new pairs of shoes!! Thanks to Westlake Fellowship in Montgomery, TX

They also received this large book of 101 Bible stories. Everyone liked that gift!

A friend of mine made a stocking for each and every child… they were adorable!  We stuffed them with little snacks, toothbrush, toothpaste, stickers, pencils, sharpener, eraser, candy canes, and an illustrated New Testament in Spanish!!!

Handing out treasures… just a little chaos!

All the kids with their stockings!

They love their New Testaments!

What better way to add life to a party than a piñata??  Most of the time, those are just filled with some cheap candy.  We filled 2 piñatas FULL of special candy brought from the U.S. (Bit `O Honey, Sweet tarts, Fruit chews, York peppermint patties, Reeces Peanutbutter cups, etc), as well as some small toys, games, and puzzles!

Before the pinatas met their fate!

Going after it!

Dive dive dive!!!

Showing the newly aquired loot!

I think that about does it!  Carlos and Yara were extremely thankful for all the gifts, and asked me to pass along their gratitude to you.  Once again, those of you who gave truly exceeded our expectations and blessed the socks off this sweet family.  Thank you!  Thank you for being a part of their Christmas (and ours as well!) and for helping meet some very basic and crucial needs!  Christmas `11 at the orphanage was another great success. 🙂