Monthly Archives: December 2011

Our addition!


We moved in!!!!  😀  I can’t tell you how thrilled we are.  The extra space is overwhelming (in a very good way) and it’s SO amazing to actually have space to organize and put things away.  And we’re not even done!  Right now, the middle (nursery) room isn’t quite finished, so it’s just full of tools and such.  But it’s not really a pressing need, because all 3 girls want to be in the same room anyway right now!  So they have their room, we have ours, and we LOVE IT.  In preparing to post all of these pictures, I’m painfully aware of all the little things that still need to be done.  But truly, we are just so happy to be living up here… I can’t postpone photos any longer!  (That, and, my little sister keeps bugging me to post some. 😉 ) So here goes!

This used to be the girl's bedroom. But we took out the ceiling and built stairs!


From the top of the stairs, looking down.


From the top of the stairwell! The door on the immediate left is the linen closet (unheard of down here!) and beyond that the girl's bathroom. The master bedroom is straight ahead, the nursery just to the right of it, then the girl's bedroom on the far right (you can just barely see it's door frame).


The girl's bathroom! The toilet is to the right, out of shot. We are still waiting on mirrors and shower curtains.


Girl's room!


Looking towards the closet. Can you see Cloe?


Girl's closet! That little ladder goes up to their "fort". And those are Cloe's feet!


The entry into the master bedroom! The bathroom is on the left, then our closet and my vanity, and that's my desk in the corner.


Our bathroom! There is a little toilet room on the far left, then my tub, and the shower is around the corner on the right. LOVE having a tub at last!!!


My vanity, and our closet on the right. (Again, waiting on mirrors.)


Our closet! I know it's a normal size walk-in, but it feels HUGE to us, compared to the last one. My hanging clothes have come out of storage! Brennah naps in here sometimes... pack `n play fits great!


And last, our bedroom! My desk in the left corner (still empty until we have a modem upstairs) and a window seat/storage bench in the far corner.


There you have it!!  I will do a more thorough tour once we have everything finished.  This should tide you over though, right? 😉 I have no idea if any of our supporters read my blog.  But if they do, I want to post a public “thank you” to those who sent gifts specifically designated for finishing our house.  All of the above would NOT be in existence without you.  God has provided for us so extravagantly… we are in awe. 🙂