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Christmas `11 at the orphanage!


Do you remember Christmas 2010?  Did it change your life?  I have a feeling, that for the kids at Casa Hogar Canan, it did!!  I still get all teary-eyed when I think of how generously you gave to them last year.  Here is the post with all the photos and stories from last Christmas.

On the playground that your gifts built last Christmas!

A couple of months ago, on a visit to the orphanage, I asked Yara (the mama)  to start thinking about what we could do for them this year.  Her eyes lit up and she asked incredulously “you’re going to do that again???”  I grinned ear to ear, and nodded; knowing that you would come through again.  So on our next visit, I asked Yara if she had thought of what we could help her with for Christmas this year.  She immediately said “Yes.  We need sheets and shoes.”  My first thought was “that’s easy!”  Then I started looking around for sheets.  They are NOT cheap here, at least if you’re looking for any kind of quality to last more than a month or two.

The shoe part of the request is taken care of.  A small church in Conroe, TX has already taken that project on!  So I’m really focusing on getting them some good bedding.  Remember they have 21 kids in the house.  So we need (at least) 21 sets of twin-size sheets, and at least 1 set of queen-size.  Since we will not be returning to the US again this year (until March 2012), we will need to purchase them here.

If we happen to raise enough funds to buy all the sheets and still have left-over, they have some furnishing needs as well.  The icing on the cake would be to have something small for the kids to unwrap on Christmas morning (I’m guessing sheets won’t be very thrilling for a 5 yr old)!

Here’s how you can help.  Get your small group, Sunday school class, co-workers, or family involved.  See if everyone wants to pitch in $5!  Last year I had a number of people say “I don’t have much to give, just $10.”  But if 3 people send $10, that’s a whole set of sheets!  It doesn’t have to be a huge amount to make a difference.  In fact, when you have SO little, it takes VERY little to make a difference.

Paypal is the easiest way to transfer money for this project.  It’s fast and free.  Just click “send funds” to this address:  and write “Chiapas Orphanage Christmas” in the memo line.

You can also mail a check, made out to Global Encounters, to this address:

Global Encounters

151 Mitchell Rd, Unit S8

Greenville, SC 29615

If you go the check-method, be sure and write “Chiapas Orphanage Christmas” in the memo line so we will know what it’s for.

Lastly, no matter how you contribute, please send (via e-mail to a picture of yourself, your family, or the group you went in with.  Last year, we made a big poster board with all of those pictures and left it with the kids.  They still love it!

If you know of anyone who might be interested in helping us make this Christmas really great for some wonderful kids, please pass this on!  I doubt we can over-bless them.  I can hardly wait for Christmas!!