Gabi turns 4!!!


They say time flies when you’re having fun. This is definitely true of us the last 4 yrs! Gabi keeps us on our toes, and keeps us quite entertained in the process. It is difficult to remember life before Gabi was born, but I do know that it wasn’t quite as fun as it is today. I am so thankful that God saw fit to bless our family with her presence 4 yrs ago!

Sweet baby Gabi, 13 days old!

Gabi is our most sensitive child, at this point. It is not at all unusual for her to reduce to a puddle of tears if something/someone scares her, or if one of her sisters is hurt or sad. Nathan and I have wondered a number of times how God is going to use this attribute in her future… I am confident that He has a plan!

At 2 1/2 yrs old!

I love seeing my girls grow and mature. Gabi is technically supposed to be starting pre-school this year, but we did that last yr and she is bored with it! This week she has started “writing messages” to us, sounding out the words and writing them on her own. Sometimes they require translation, but for the most part they make sense! I can’t believe the things that she picks up all on her own.

Gabi at 3 yrs old... such a contagious giggle!

The day before Gabi’s birthday, Nathan and I took her on a special date. We ran a couple errands to get things for her birthday party, went to lunch at the place of her choice (Burger King!), and of course got ice-cream before heading home. We all had a blast!!

Birthday ice-cream date!

Getting birthday supplies... starting with a giant pinata!

We had a REALLY fun birthday party, and I took a bajillion pictures! But I will try to contain myself and just share my favorites.

The pre-party cupcake decorators!


Sisters make the best birthday party mates!


The birthday girl gets the first swing at the pinata!


Sweet little Hillary took a swing, too


Mimi sent gifts (as usual!) months in advance. Gabi loved every one!!


SO tickled at that big "4" on top!


Brennah had multiple cupcakes...

We are thankful beyond words to have Gabriella Joy. She is a constant ray of sunshine in our world!

Happy Birthday, Gabs!


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  1. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! You’re such a great mom, Julie…your girls are so blessed. Love you all! (Hello to your adorable hubby too!)


  2. thanks for making the time to do this love, I am so grateful for you. Gabi, i love you sweet angel, you make my heart glow with joy when i hug you, or when i hear your happly laughter. happy 4th b-day! Daddy.


  3. Oh my goodness she melts me!! Love that big baby girl to death!!! Happy birthday sweet Gabby!!!! Xoxoxo Love you more than you’ll ever know!! 🙂


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