Encourage us – Time for a give-away!


Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what you’re doing.  More than that, it’s easy to lose sight of WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.  Right?  Someone tell me I’m not the only one!  Yeah, I know I’m not.  So today I’m trying to remember all the “whys.”  I look around my house and see various reminders… little handprints on the window, a note from my 6 yr old that says “Mom I luv yu” and some beautiful flowers my husband brought home for me last week.  But my eyes come to rest on a cross.  It’s a small, wooden, hand-painted cross from Chiapa de Corzo (not far from here).  It’s simple.  It’s beautiful.  It explains everything!  We’re not here to push a church, philosophy, or way of living.  We just want to share the cross and all that it means to us!

So here’s the give-away.  It’s a cross!  It’s actually a carved, polished fossil cross.  I’ve seen girls wear these on a long leather cord, and I’ve seen guys wear them shorter… the cord has one of those slidey-knots (is that a word?) that you can easily adjust the length with.


A fun, simple reminder for you or a friend.


Yes it’s totally free (shipping included).  All you have to do to enter is answer one little question for me in the comments below.  Ready?  Here it is:  What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done, and what got you through it?

I will randomly draw a name in a few days, then get the cross in the mail.  Can’t wait to read your comments!


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  1. I think the hardest thing for ME was handing my son over for a second brain surgery. The thing that got me through it was his never ending smile, my husbands love and support, and of course the peace of mind from God.


  2. Choosing to confess my darkest sins to family and friends that I felt like deserved the truth and knowing I would dissapoint them. On the other hand, the freedom that came from that obedience was unexpected….I learned the meaning of grace.


    • Wow, Tam. I can’t really imagine having the necessary humility to do what you did. That is truly admirable!! And anything that teaches us more grace definitely have a silver lining. Love you, friend!


  3. Hardest?
    Getting married alone was hard, but the hardest would probably be our first miscarriage because I thought God was punishing me. Heart breaking!
    What got me through it, my husband held my hands and prayed every night for three months, he literally prayed me through it. And my mother-in-law, she seafood, “His heart is breaking, just for you. Be mad, but know that He loves you!”


    • Oi. My first miscarriage was awful, too. I remember it all too well! What wise words and advice from Cynthia. SO true! Amanda said the same thing to me… “it’s okay to be mad. He can take it.” *HUGS*


  4. You, of course, know the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Burying my firstborn son–I won’t wish that on anyone. What got me through it? I don’t think I’ll *ever* get through it. But I love you! 😀


    • I love you too, precious Mama of mine! I don’t think any of us will ever *get over it* but we have survived it with eachother and the grace of God. I’m so thankful for my family!


  5. My hardest thing is not really one thing…and we’ve talked about it before.. But for summary purposes I guess it would be all the stuff I’ve gone through with my parents. The things that have gotten me through are prayer, Jose being there to support me, prayer, sweet friends like you who let me vent, prayer, and the conviction that as hard as it is to travel the path we are on is the right one.
    Oh and prayer 😉

    Love you friend. We pray for you guys always


  6. Hi Julie,
    I thought I’d share my hardest moment in life. Of course it was the night I got the phone call that Josh had died. I was at Linda’s house and I remember taking the phone and throwing it on the table. I thought If I broke the phone it would all go away. From that moment on everything went in slow motion as if life wasn’t real any more. I remember I was crying so hysterically that the world just seemed to be spinning out of contol. Then I remember Ken and Linda taking Harold, Maeleena, and I in their arms and praying. Actually Ken was crying out to God for us. (Our sons had been the only boys he had ever been like a father to.) As his heart broke with ours and as he cried out to God, the Lord spoke to me. The Lord gave me a choice I will never forget. He told me I could be bitter and angry for the rest of my life or I could chose to accept His will. I remember wanting to just sink way down into the pit of my despair and just be hurt and angry and I thought I’d die myself from the heaviness of the pain that was in my heart. As I was wailing now before the Lord about a young life cut off so soon, a precious boy who loved Him, I realized God had to make the same choice. He didn’t have to let his son be abused and mudered but He chose to allow his son to go through that so we wouldn’t have to fear death. As those thoughts flooded my brain I almost couldn’t process them I was so overcome by grief but they were there none the less. I can’t say I really knew what I was doing that night but in that small moment of reality I chose to let God have His way with Josh’s life. The very moment I told the Lord that I would accept His plan for Josh you can’t even begin to imagine the difference that came over me. When I told the Lord He could have my son I wept uncontrollably for a few moments and then I realized I was trying to keep Josh alive on earth when he wasn’t really dead at all but in the presence of the Lord. Living in a Mansion of all things, working for the Lord, riding horses, fishing, enjoying the fellowship of other young people (you know how much he liked everyone!) From that point on until now, 12 years this July 4th, I actually look forwards to Heaven and seeing my precious son again. I’ve read soooo much about Heaven I truly with all my heart don’t want Josh to come back here because I know he is having more fun and is happier than anyone on earth could ever be. I realized for the first time that Heaven is reality and earth is not. On earth everything will go away but when we get to the real reality “Heaven” nothing will ever die again. I realized that night how selfish I truly was. Wanting my child with me to fulfill my need as a mother to care for him instead of rejoicing in his good fortune. I see so much of that selfishness still in my life. I wish I could tell you this glorious ending but I am definately a work in progress by the Lord and He has His work cut out for Him with overtime included when it comes to molding me into His image!


    • I wish I could hug you right now, Mama Lamb!! I remember that night, too. But more than anything, I remember the absolute peace on your face at Josh’s funeral. It blew my mind then, and after losing my own brother, it absolutely amazes me! Thank you for sharing your story. *HUGS*


    • Glennis, I don’t know you but I love that you shared your story. When our first baby was still-born the pain was beyond comprehension. I never got to know her smile or hear her voice so I can only image how deep you pain has been. After I came home from the hospital, in the midst of a screaming, angry fit on my bed I heard my Father in heaven speak to me and although the pain remained the sting was removed. He said to me, “I know. I lost my first born too.” He really does understand our grief.
      I remember Jennifer’s birthday every year, and I look forward to her greeting me when I get to heaven.


  7. I think the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was forgive my dad. To this day I don’t think he realizes how much he hurt me or my family, but with everything he did, it forced me to grow up. It helped me realize some of the problems with my family and what I want to do differently when it comes time for me to have a family. Through all of it though, I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful Father. It was absolutely no coincidence that I became a Christian before all the other problems came out in my family. My earthy dad isn’t perfect. He’s hurt me in many ways, but I know that my other Dad won’t. Ever. He has shown me what a real father is; He is patient and loving and gentle, and absolutely perfect.


  8. The hardest thing I ever did? Hmmm. Probably sending my Ian back to Colorado. Believing it was the best option of several horrific ones, the best for my sweet boy and the best for all involved, and yet painful to the point of physical pain, grief so intense as to cause physical effects, loneliness so powerful it blocked out the light for a time. I missed him every day, all the time…still do. I fought grief, sorrow, anger, guilt, ongoing second-guessing myself, fear…you name it, I walked it.
    How did I get through it? (How am I still getting through it?) I finally stopped listening to my own pityparty long enough to hear that gentle and quiet whisper from the One who loves ME and IAN more than anyone, the ONE who created both of us and knew (before the foundations of the world were laid) the choices that would bring us to that decision and all of the fallout from it, the One who never changes and whose promises are true, no matter how our circumstances change, no matter what we do, no matter how we mess up, no matter how those around us hurt us…NO MATTER WHAT.
    I clung to that…that He never changes. He loves me. He loves Ian. He loves us FIERCELY. And more than anything, that I can trust Him with Ian. That’s how I’m getting through it.
    Love you guys.


  9. Watching Kate walk through cancer, would totally trade with her if I could…. Makes me remember Jesus did trade with me and take the suffering while his Father watched him do it, I am not sure which was more difficult!


  10. Hardest thing I have had to do is accept that my newborn son will have pain that I can’t even imagine, lifelong struggles that I can’t help him with, and will be viewed as “limited” by the world. What got me through it? The amazing sovereignty of our God. I know that God created Mac “just so” and that because of that, Mac is PERFECT. Spina Bifida is just a “label.” Mac is whole, and whether or not he ever walks, God has a special plan for him and because of that, his life is limitless.


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