The JOY of it all


I can’t get over this day.  I have always loved it SO much!  Even as an adult, after 31 Easters, I have a hard time going to bed the night before Easter.  No matter how many times I read the words “He is not here… He is risen, just as He said!”  I still get goose-bumps!  I mean, it’s a cool story right??  But the implications of the story are so far beyond cool.  He conquered death!!  Dying to pay the penalty for our sins is pretty incredible, all on it’s own.  But the fact that even death couldn’t keep Him!  The incredible joy of knowing that we get to share in that victory with Him… it’s indescribable!

I’ve watched THIS VIDEO at least 5 times today… good luck sitting still and not feeling the thrill of His resurrection!

We claim the victory He won on Calvary… Celebrate the King of Glory!  Rise up!  People of the Lord, Rise up!


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