Easter give-away


I love Easter!!  It is definitely in my top-5 favorite holidays.  I have such sweet memories of Easter egg hunts, shopping with my mom for dresses and accessories, sunrise services at church, and the overwhelming joy of recalling Jesus’ resurrection!  The sheer wonder of that story still puts a lump in my throat, even having heard it SO many times.

And so!  In honor of one of my very favorite days, I’m doing another give-away!  I am really rather torn about this one though… I want to keep it!  I bought it for the specific purpose of giving it away, but I’ve become a bit attached to it.  But!  I am determined to give it to someone who also loves it, and doesn’t have the option of buying another one! 😉

It's a cross wall-hanging. Authentic Oaxacan pottery!

 I bought this piece at the pottery place in Oaxaca that I posted about in this photo-blog last year.

To be eligible to win, simply answer one little question in the comments section below…

What is your favorite Easter tradition?  The good-ol Easter egg hunt?  Stuffing your face with bags of Cadbury mini-eggs?  Reading the Resurrection Story with your family at breakfast?  Maybe the giant ham dinner?  However random it is… just tell me about it!  You’ll be automatically entered, and I will draw a name on Friday.

And just to make it a tad more interesting, if you repost on FB or Twitter (don’t forget to tell me you did!), I’ll put your name in the hat twice!  Happy Easter!!!


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  1. My favorite Easter tradition is a century old contest in my family called the ugliest Easter egg contest. We have done it on my dads side of the family all the way back to my great-great grandmother as the judge 🙂 Everyone dyes an egg and makes it as ugly as possible and the whoever is hosting the Easter bash judges them without knowing who’s is who’s. It always gets allot of laughs and some pretty creative eggs! Last year, my sister-in-law was introduced to this tradition by us and she just smashed her egg LOL we had to tell her that didn’t count…:P


  2. My Grandma about 20 years ago started the tradition of having a family reunion at the park on Easter Sunday. Our entire family, immediate, extended, close friends we considered family, and anyone who wanted to join us. My Grandma would get to the park nice and early around 8am to stake her claim on the prime spot at the park, and rope off our area. Party would start at about 11am and everyone would bring a dish and we would enjoy and wonderful celebration of family, friends, and good food. My Grandma would always have eggs for an easter egg hunt for the little ones and she would always make up a few extra plastic eggs with a little money in there for a little extra excitement for the kids. We would play volleyball, football, frisbee, kickball, or any game someone brought along. It brought my Grandma such joy to see everyone all together playing, laughing, getting along (not always easy in a large family with different personalities) and just enjoying the day and celebrating the Holiday.
    When my Grandma was diagnosed on December 24, 2010 with terminal lung and brain cancer we vowed to make this the most special Easter Family Picnic for her, knowing it would be her last. She did not make it to this one, she passed on February 25, 2011, but we are still going to gather and enjoy the day knowing that she will be there in spirit watching her family celebrate Easter, and life.


    • You made me cry, Dali!! Sounds like such a precious time with your family. I’m so sorry about the loss of your grandma… I know she was super special to you. I pray that this Easter will still be a wonderful one for you!


  3. well, from the age of 4-18, I was in a Passion Play at our church every Easter, so almost everything revolved around rehearsals and practices and the play. It was an incredible thing to be a part of at such a young age – I loved every. single. year. and was so sad when I had to move on to other things. The memories I have of living/portraying the Easter Story are precious and I feel like the story is so very real and alive in my heart because of that experience.

    Now its time to make new traditions with our family! Beyond the traditional Easter meal, we haven’t really established anything concrete, but as Jack and Co. get older, we definitely want to incorporate more traditions and meaningful things for the season.


  4. A fond memory of Easter for me was right after I had graduated Basic Training, my parents came to Chicago to visit me and took me to see the movie “Passion Of The Christ”. Before entering the movie my mom hands me some tissues and I handed them back. I have never cried during a movie, and I mean NEVER… until that day. I have always read about how Jesus died on the cross, but the way it was portrayed in the film made me cry, and I didnt even realize tears were rolling down my face until one hit my hand. This made me re realize the love our God has for us, and the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us. Not that I had’nt already known this, but it was definetly a great reminder.


  5. Here in Ukraine the people greet one another with (instead of the regular “hello”) “He is Risen” and the reply is “He INDEED is risen” on Easter Sunday. Even the unsaved do this, and I love it! Even my children know just what to say on this special day.


  6. Easter memories make me miss my dad so much! He was a great cook and always made a wonderful feast for Easter. Sometimes a ham or sometimes a new recipe he had recently read. My favorite tradtion of his was a contest to see who had the strongest egg. Each person would pick a hard boiled egg and then bash ends with the egg of the person next to them. When both ends of your egg were broken, you were out of the running. Whoever was left at the end got the honor breaking their Easter egg on their forehead (not much of a prize, I know). But the tradition always makes me smile.


  7. Ack! I totally forgot to post my thing and get my name in the hat! *phew!* Thanks for reposting it and reminding me! 🙂

    I love the ressurection eggs!! I love the sunrise services (though I admit getting up that early and being out in the cold wasn’t my favorite growing up! lol)! I love waking up to fun Easter baskets Mom and Dad put together! I love that all the little kids squish into a closet or laundry room or wherever while the bigger kids and adults hide the candy and eggs! I love making the special Easter rice crispie nests!
    I love that we are celebrating Christs resurection and are reminded of His incredible LOVE for us! Love, love, love!! *siiigh* It’s hard to have ONE favorite holiday – but this is right up there with Christmas for me!! 🙂


  8. So many people say ” Resurrection Sunday” instead of “Easter”, I do understand why but I was raised calling it Easter, so of course what naturally comes out of my mouth is Easter. My daughter Hanalei has always called it “Resurrection Sunday” and the other day she yet again heard me say Easter. She asked me why I call It Easter and I told her that as a child we always called it Easter and I cannot get use to calling it Res.. Sun…. I told her that in my heart Easter has always been about celebrating Jesus and not Bunnies and Eggs. She then asked ” Mommy can I start calling it Easter, because it is easier to say” Haha to funny


  9. I think my favorite Easter memories would have to do, not with the “stuff” of Easter, but the people and emotions of Easter.

    Watching persecuted Christians gather together to celebrate their risen Lord at a sunrise service. Followed by serving a large community meal of chicken soup and tortillas, sitting on a grassy hillside with my family and Christian family.


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