The very first give-away!


And the winner is…. Danae Stone!!!


I have a few friends that have done give-aways on their blogs.  I think it’s SO fun!  I started thinking a few months ago.

Haha!  That’s not what I meant!  But it came out so funny that I can’t make myself erase it.  I’ll try again…

A few months ago, I started thinking that I should start doing give-aways on my blog.  There are fun and completely different things to be found down here.  Things you can’t even find in the US!  Since I’ll be going to Colorado in a few weeks to get another tooth fixed, I can ship stuff myself instead of having to ask someone else to do it for me.  To top it off, I have this cute little thing to give away in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Yes, I know that Valentine’s Day was 4 days ago.  But it’s still Valentine’s WEEK!

If you follow my other blog (a daily photo blog), you may remember this post from November `10, where we visited a pottery place in Oaxaca.  It’s a cool place, and a really amazing process to get this beautiful black pottery.  And, lucky for you, I bought a couple extra pieces to give away!

This cute little thing could be used as a mini-pot...

But I would put a little tea-light candle inside and make *this* the top. See the cute heart cut-outs? SO pretty with a candle inside!


All you have to do to be entered for the give-away is answer one little question:  Do you remember who your first Valentine was from?  If so, who was it?

I’m pretty sure mine was from my dad.  At least, the first one I remember getting was!  I remember my mom making a big dinner, decorating the table in red candles and heart confetti, and my dad bringing home cards and chocolates for all of us girls.  🙂  Such sweet memories, and such a sweet daddy I have!

There you have it!  If you would like that cute piece of rare Oaxaca pottery (yep, completely free), just leave a comment below with your answer!  I’ll randomly pick a comment (how does Monday night sound?) and mail you a box as soon as I get to the US next month.  Good luck! 🙂

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  1. Cool idea!

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually gotten a valentine from anyone specific before. We use to go to these homeschool valentines skating parties where we would make a box and give everyone valentines, but I never had any idea who I was giving them to or who gave them to me. It was always just about counting how many valentines you got total and, better yet, how many of them gave some candy as well. Still a lot of fun though, I got pretty good at roller blading because of it 🙂


    • Every year on Valentine’s Day, Mom wrote a special Valentine rhyme on a red napkin and placed it at each place at the breakfast table. I have kept many of them, and we have the last one she wrote to Dad (Feb 2004). Very special keep-sakes, for sure! I don’t remember which was the first one, but I know the first one I ever got was from her.



  2. I don’t remember who my first valentine was from…of course we had the yearly class valentine card exchange and in Jr. High and Highschool we sent and received flowers from friends (which were then delivered in class)…but no names stand out as being “the first”.


  3. My first Valentine? Hmmm? I don’t remember for sure, but it was probably my grandma from KS. She mailed a special card for every holiday there was. I sure do miss her. So glad I’ll see her again in Heaven some day.


  4. If I name where my second one came from do I get an extra chance at getting the free thing? 😉 Cuz I’m pretty sure my second valentine came from you! 🙂


  5. That would definately be my parents. 🙂 Valentines day was big at our house. There was one year we cut out hundreds of hearts and scattered them all over the floor and made up some game for my parents to find their “gifts”. We always had this HUGE heart balloon that said “I love you this much!” It just recently broke. 😦


  6. Ok, so I was meaning to answer this the day you posted it, but…. that didn’t happen!!

    I love Valentines Day! I don’t remember my first Valentine but my first memories of the day are picking out cheese-ball “my little pony” valentines to take to class. And I remember exchanging them into the little bags we all had on our desks and the anticipation of finding out how much candy I had gotten from them! And then in high school, the status-making candy grams! If you didn’t get one, you just weren’t cool. Better to buy one for yourself under a secret admirer alias just in case!! Haha, but of course I NEVER did that… 🙂


  7. I remember my daddy bringing home a giant black and white stuffed panda bear for me on Valentine’s Day when I was about 5. I was THRILLED! My mom… not so much! It had cost 20.00! A lot of cha ching back then! Oh well- I loved it and knew my daddy loved me!


  8. At my age, I’m hard pressed to recall ANY firsts!! LOL!

    But….I DO know that I LOVED making valentine’a day special for my kids for days ahead of time. And seeing their anticipation when they woke up to a kitchen transformed into “valentineland!”. Magic! 🙂


  9. My first valentine was from my dad too. He always would get us girls valentines every year. And then our classes in school would exchange valentines too but it was one of those things where everyone was required to give one to everyone so it wasn’t anyone specific…love the idea and love the pottery!


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