The joys of Mexico…


I just feel the need to share something with you today.  Bright and early this-morning (6 am, to be exact) I hopped in the car (with Mandy, a sweet gal here for language school) and headed to the flower market.  I’m now regretting the fact that I didn’t bring my camera!  But I took “after” pics for you.  I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of the flowers we came home with, and at the end of the post I’ll tell you how much I spent on them. 🙂

2 little roses I grabbed for Cloe and Gabi

Today is Rachel's birthday...

Rachel is here with the language team...

Daisies are her favorite...

So we got a bunch!!!

But can you ever have too many daisies? I think not.

Pink is Rachel's favorite color, so what could be better than pink daisies for her??

Not sure what they are called, but I got them for me. 🙂

Last, another bunch of callalillies

That’s it!  In the US, the going rate for 1 callalilly is $8.  The daisies are much more reasonable, thank goodness!  But still, not THIS reasonable.  The grand total for all of the above was $9.  Yep, nine.  There are definitely perks to living here!! 🙂

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    • One of my favorite things to do is bring in fresh flowers from the market and put them on my table…inexpensive, but brightens my day! Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures…

      Love (from across town!)


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