Brave Kate: update #1


I have been so incredibly blessed by several people who have written me recently.  I’ve heard things like “my family and I pray for Kate every morning” and “my Bible study group is praying for Kate and Amanda.”  I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen such a rapidly growing network of prayer warriors before.  I am sure, however, that there could not be a more deserving recipient!  Brave Kate is being such a trooper in the midst of all this yucky cancer stuff.

They are now doing Kate’s care at home, going back to the hospital every week for check-ups and chemotherapy.  The current plan is 28 weeks of chemo (2 down already!) and then re-evaluating.  Surgery can’t be done on the tumor until the chemo has done it’s shrinking job.

I asked Amanda for some specific prayer requests for me to share with you, and here they are!

– Kate’s chemo treatments on Mondays, this week it will be at 2:00 pm. She is still really afraid of her port being accessed after all the blood draws and the IV at the hospital, pray she would learn quickly that it is not very painful and she does not need to be afraid!
-Her tumor to shrink substantially before the next CT scan in 4 weeks
– The side effects would be minimal, her next dose of Chemo gives her constipation, and hair loss
– The hair loss, we praying either she will not lose any hair or that her transition will not be real upsetting for her. She has the opportunity to donate her hair, so I am hoping if she wants to do that is would help it to be a positive thing.
– The next surgery, she will either have it in 5 weeks or 11 weeks depending on how well her tumor shrinks with the chemo. It was pretty hard on all of us to be in the hospital for so long this last time, I am not really looking forward to it . Even though the care was very good. Pray for the hospital stay to be as good as possible.
– Pray for Luke, he loves his sister like crazy, but has a hard time being gentle with her surgery site. He also had a rough time while I was at the hospital, pray for our next visit when I am gone.
– Her mouth sores continue to bother her, but she has a rinse they prescribed to help her. Pray it will help her be in less pain.
– Her appetite to improve, she has lost 4 1/2 lbs. She is doing better, but I would love it if she would be willing to do a few more fruits and veggies in there!
– God’s presence to continue to be accessible to us, that we would really depend on the Lord and he would show himself strong. He would use this for good in our lives and the people around us.
– We praise God for the people who have poured out love and support for us. I am blown away by the kindness of each of you!


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