My favorite things


It’s actually harder than you would think, making a list of your favorite things!  Naturally, my wedding ring, and laptop are way up there, as well as my wedding album and other such sentimental stuff.  But I just decided to keep it to the not obvious things.  I also just decided to exclude food and drinks!  Another blog for another day. 😉

I love vanilla candles. But this vanilla candle is especially amazing!

My Bissel steam mop! It's not so great for nasty under-the-dining room-table messes, but for the whole rest of my house (it's all tile) this is a life-saver!

Pur Minerals pressed powder makeup. If you've never tried it, you must head to the nearest Ulta and have someone demonstrate it for you. My skin is actually happier when I *don't* wash it off every night! This stuff is awesome.

My Starbucks mugs! These are gifts from my friend Amanda and my parents. They make me smile every time I see them!

Have you smelled this stuff from Bath and Body Works? It's called Dark Kiss. I love it even more than Coconut Lime Verbena if you can believe that!

That’s it… my official top 5. 🙂 I loved reading a blog like this last week.  And I’d love to hear YOUR top 5!

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  1. Ok, first, I can’t believe I am JUST now commenting on these.
    Second, I LOVE your pic blogs!!! 🙂
    And third, I’m impressed you could narrow it down to 5 things…I’m having a hard time trying to think what I would put in my fav 5 list….hmmmm….I definitely think that YUMMY vanilla cupcake candle you got me a while back would be in there somewhere though, I’m seriously addicted to that scent now! 🙂


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