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Urgent Request


This is not my usual hour for blogging.  Normally I would be enjoying my Bible study and cup of coffee right now.  I do have my coffee, but am having a terrible time keeping focused on my study of the book of Esther.  My heart is so heavy this-morning and I keep finding myself staring into space praying mini-prayers like “God, give them peace” and “Lord, please touch that little body and heal it completely!”

One of my closest friends for the last 13 yrs is Amanda Michaels.  She has been there for me through absolutely everything!  When God called my brother away from this earth, she hopped in the car and drove to CO from MI without hesitating.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and I was in hers.  She came to visit just a few weeks after Cloe was born, and flew me to MI to meet her first baby as well!  This is the baby that I’m preoccupied with today.  And have been since Tuesday morning.  That sweet baby (her name is Kate) is now 4 yrs old, and she’s in the hospital.

Meet Brave Kate!

Kate has been diagnosed with Wilm’s Tumor, a cancer of the kidney. Right now they believe she is at stage 3. It has spread to her lymph nodes, abdomen, and main artery that reaches her legs.  Her prognosis is good… they said with chemo and surgery she has a 90% chance. Amanda said that Kate is in good spirits and is telling everyone that her name is “Brave Kate.” She is asking her friends and family to pray for her, and for lots of hugs!  What a precious, brave little angel!

Amanda, Luke, Kate and Rob Michaels

This-morning (at 9 am MI time), Kate is going under to have a port put in and a biopsy done on the tumor.  As of yesterday, they believe they can not do surgery to remove it until the chemo has done it’s job and shrunk the tumor, as it’s intwined with her main artery leading to her legs.
Wouldn’t it be great if, when the Drs got in there this-morning, the whole cancerous mess was just gone???  God could do that.  He’s done it before!  I absolutely believe He is able.  But if that isn’t part of His plan for Kate, I am praying that He will accomplish something else SO great that only He could receive the glory for it.
Will you pray with me?  Pray for God’s complete healing of this sweet little girl.  Pray for her mama and daddy, Amanda and Rob, as they walk through this terrifying valley together.  Pray for exceptional clarity of thought and expertise for Kate’s Doctors.

My sweet friend Amanda and her little first-born, Kate.

If you would like to send a card or flowers or anything, I know it would be a huge encouragement.  They are at William Beaumont Hospital (Room 5337) in Royal Oak, MI.
Please pray!  I will post an update on here, I’m sure, but you can write me if you need any info.

My favorite things


It’s actually harder than you would think, making a list of your favorite things!  Naturally, my wedding ring, and laptop are way up there, as well as my wedding album and other such sentimental stuff.  But I just decided to keep it to the not obvious things.  I also just decided to exclude food and drinks!  Another blog for another day. 😉

I love vanilla candles. But this vanilla candle is especially amazing!

My Bissel steam mop! It's not so great for nasty under-the-dining room-table messes, but for the whole rest of my house (it's all tile) this is a life-saver!

Pur Minerals pressed powder makeup. If you've never tried it, you must head to the nearest Ulta and have someone demonstrate it for you. My skin is actually happier when I *don't* wash it off every night! This stuff is awesome.

My Starbucks mugs! These are gifts from my friend Amanda and my parents. They make me smile every time I see them!

Have you smelled this stuff from Bath and Body Works? It's called Dark Kiss. I love it even more than Coconut Lime Verbena if you can believe that!

That’s it… my official top 5. 🙂 I loved reading a blog like this last week.  And I’d love to hear YOUR top 5!

National Delurking Day – let’s pretend


Is this what I get for getting behind on my blog reading?  Oh no, say it’s not so!!  It would seem that there is an annual day for saying hello to your favorite bloggers.  January 14th!  So for the sake of me not being sad that I missed it, and for the sake of not depriving you of the joy of being involved, we’re going to pretend it’s January 14th again!  Yay!  Happy January 14th!

So here’s the deal.  Today is the day to let your favorite bloggers know that you’re out there.  It is *not* the day for reading a blog, thinking of a reply, and closing the window without typing a thing!  At least for today, your lurking days are over!

Just tell me something.  What’s the worst movie you ever saw?  I know you just thought of one!  How about this: what did you have for breakfast?  I’m having an apple and a cute steamy cup of blueberry tea.  I *want* biscuits and gravy though… might need to do some cooking here in a bit…

Tell me what your plans are for the weekend!  I’ll be here at home, reorganizing a few cluttered parts of our house.  Am I the only one who feels like the whole house is a disaster if the kitchen is a little messy?  Tell me I’m not the only one…

Here’s one last suggestion: tell me your favorite kind of cheesecake.  I would like to make one today but there are just SO many tasty possibilities.  How is a person to choose???

I’m off now to post comments on some blogs I follow!  In case you’re curious, here are a couple of my favorites! Fancy That is a blog written by my sweet friend, Nikki.  You have never known a more creative/crafty person and her page is full of amazingness.  Philosophies of Strawberry Shortcake is by my friend, Jodi.  She’s a deep thinker, that one!  I love Jodi’s heart and love to read about whatever is on her heart!  The Road Less Traveled is from my friend, Erica.  This sweet family is in the process of adopting their second child from Africa!  This page is the story of their adventure in progress, and will even let you get involved!

Here’s to [another] great January 14th!!! Happy commenting!