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A year with an angel


I’m a little late posting this, but better late than never, right??

My sweet baby Brennah turned one just a couple weeks ago.  I have to admit that it’s freaking me out how fast time is flying by these days.  Since she was born it feels like our lives have been moving at warp speed.  In some ways, I can barely remember the misery of my last few weeks of pregnancy.

This was at 37 weeks. I was still pregnant (and growing!) for another month!

Oh yeah.  Now I remember.  Painful memories!  Let’s move on.

It feels like just a couple months ago (certainly not 12!!!) that I woke up at 2:30 in the morning, for yet another bathroom run.  But by the time I’d gotten back in bed I’d had 3 contractions!  For a whole month now, I’d been told by my midwives “Any day now!  You can’t carry her around that low for long!”  So for a whole month I was on pins and needles, thinking every little twinge was “it!”  But I’d started getting skeptical, thinking I might be the first woman in history to actually be pregnant forever.  Or in the very least, give birth to a toddler.  I sat up in my bed for about 30 min, watching the clock.  Yep… 5 minutes apart.  For 30 minutes.  That’s when I decided to wake Nathan up… “I’m not doing this alone, buddy. You’re done sleeping.”  He sprung out of bed, called the midwife, lit all the vanilla candles I had all over the place, and started rubbing my back.  He truly is the man you want by your side if you’re in a pinch.  Or up a creek.  Or having a baby.  Only 2 hrs later, Brennah Leigh made her appearance.

Sweet angel baby, just a couple minutes old!

Our midwife made it *just* in time.  The home-birth experience was wonderful and I absolutely would do it again.  After Brennah was born, she didn’t squeek or cry at all.  She just took a big breath, looked around, and was happy as could be.  Cris (my midwife) said that’s really normal for home-birth babies.  I had no idea!  Anyway, the birth was smoothe as anything and for the first 2 hours no one even attempted to take my baby out of my arms.  I *loved* that!

Anyway, the next few months flew by.  We went home for Christmas, coming back just in time for a team to arrive.  Then another team, then another team.  Next thing I know, Brennah is 6 months old.

6 months old already!?!

This sweet baby is by far the worst sleeper I’ve had so far, but she is quite possibly the sweetest baby I’ve ever seen.  Her big sisters adore her and the feelings are all mutual.  I can not even imagine our lives without her anymore.  She’s such a little ray of sunshine!

Happy first birthday, my precious Breezy!