3 years of memories


It is hard for me to believe that it’s been 3 whole years since Gabi Joy burst into our world!  In some ways, it feels as though she’s always been part of my life, and I can barely remember what our home was like before she came into it.  In other ways, It feels like just yesterday that I told my beloved Dr. Vargas “I am so miserable… just induce me already!!!”  Thankfully, even though she did induce me, everything went perfectly fine.  After 5 hours (I thought they were intense, until I survived Brennah’s birth!) I was holding my precious Gabriella in my arms.

I hope you’ll indulge me a few minutes… I’m feeling nostalgic tonight!

Three years ago today... walking out the door for the hospital! Kimberly was just a month behind me, due with Landon.

Not the most flattering picture, but I love it. Gabi was 5 minutes old, and that fan behind us totally saved my life just a few minutes earlier!

How precious is she??? I loved watching her sleep.

Tonight... blowing out THREE candles on her cupcake!

Just before Gabi blew out the candles she looked at me and said “thanks Mom for these cupcakes.”  🙂 She melts my heart!!!  I am so thankful that God has entrusted this sweet little girl into our care.

Love love love!

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