A contest


Here’s my thought for today… I’d really like to win those gift cards!  As I am sure I’ve mentioned, we are trying to add a few bedrooms to our little house.  At this moment, Cloe and Gabi are sleeping on the floor in our room because Brennah is too light of a sleeper to share a room with anyone else!  I won’t go into details about how frustrating this situation is.  But I will tell you that when I saw the prize for this contest was a Home Depot gift card, I got really excited!!!  We could make some major progress upstairs with that!!!  So I’m not sure how this works, but I’m just going to try and put the link here and ask you to go cast a vote.  Today is the last day… I think there’s 12 hrs left.  Maybe even enough time to vote twice! 🙂

Thank you, in advance!  I’m sure my chances are slim, but hey.  It doesn’t hurt to try right?  If you felt so inclined, you could even pass this along!

Just follow this link, and click “vote for this entry”!


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