The Faithful One


As I sit here chatting with my sweet friend Jodi, I’m struck by how faithful God is to us.  He allows all kinds of crazy storms and events to come whipping through our serene lives, but He never walks away to just let us deal with it on our own.  There have been times when the storm made me mad and I refused to take His outstretched hand, but it was still there.  Patiently waiting for me to stop throwing my tantrum.  To allow Him to hold the pen and continue writing my life’s story.

This week of single-mom living is almost over for me!  Amazing!  I was dreading it with everything in me.  Now it’s already over?  Hm.  In this case, the anticipation of the event was definitely much worse than the actual event!  Tonight, as I swept up at least 2 cupcakes-worth of crumbs off the floor (leftover from hosting playgroup this-afternoon), I reflected back on the week.  Gabi and Brennah were chasing eachother up and down the hallway, giggling and clapping, and I had to smile.  I am so blessed to be their mama!  I had one of my favorite play lists going on my computer, and this song came on… I could just barely hear it through all the squeeling and giggling!  It’s called “Faithful One” by Selah.  It always chokes me up a little.  Depending on the day, it might reduce me to an actual puddle.  I couldn’t find a better link for you, so I apologize for the audio that is a little odd at the beginning.  Close your eyes and listen to the words.  You’ll be glad you did.


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