The perfect weight


Don’t you love it when God brings something across your path that makes you think “wow, I really needed that today.”  Something that just speaks to your soul.  That is how I felt this-morning! 

My day began over 3 hrs ago, when Brennah woke up convinced that she was on the brink of starvation.  I looked at the clock and my first thought was “wow!!! That was 7 1/2 hrs of sleep with zero interruptions!!! SWEET!”  I went to the girls room, nursed that sweet angel, and laid her back down.  I really just wanted to go back down myself.  I’m not sure why I’m so sleepy after getting more continuous sleep than I have in a very long time.  Maybe the last few weeks are just catching up to me?  At any rate, it took all my self-control to avoid the couch and pop in an excercise DVD!  30 minutes in, Gabi woke up and sat on the couch to laugh at the spectacle while I finished my workout.  Everything is more fun with a buddy, right?  😉  I got her a bowl of cereal (apple cinnamon Cheerios… her fav!) and hopped in the shower.  Much to my surprise, Brennah was still asleep when I got out!

I grab my Bible and devotional book and enjoy a few minutes of peace, reflecting on Luke 8:26-33.  About how God is God, even to the godless.  I admit to having a hard time concentrating, though!  My mind kept jumping to things that need to be done today, things to add to my menu for this weekend when the team gets back, etc.  I grabbed a pen and paper and started a list.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see this blog pop up on my blog reader.  I smile and click, knowing that whatever Ann posted today will be an encouragement and not a drain to my quiet time.

This is when that feeling of “wow I needed that” came in.  I sat pondering the thoughts on my screen, then sat back and told the Lord thank you.  I am grateful that He knows what we can handle, aren’t you?  I then thought of a handful of people, off the top of my head, who have SO much more on their plates than I do today!  The first person is my mom.  How much she has had to deal with over the years!  She’s been a great support to my dad and his business, raising and homeschooling 8 kids, being church pianist… how does she/did she do it???  Once again, I will mention that I wish she would write a blog so the rest of us can glean from her wisdom and experience!  No pressure, Mom. 😉  Of course my dad is the next on my list… he’s amazing!  Successfully starting and running a business, taking care of our large family and many other families… he is the most generous man I’ve ever known.  There’s no way I could make a complete list.  But he is incredible to me!  I think of my sisters next.  One of them holds a demanding nannying job, has a busy toddler, is pregnant with #2, keeps her house immaculate and family well fed, all while supporting and helping her husband through dental school!  My other (adult) sister is caring for 5 kids, day in and day out.  3 biological and 2 foster.  I had no idea the hassels involved in foster care until she started this a few months ago.  Drs visits, social workers, bio parents… good grief!  My sister is juggling this while also trying to home-school these kids.  My mind wanders to my friends, and then I get overwhelmed.  Husbands out of work, full-time moms working another full-time job to help out, sick parents, moving while pregnant and home-schooling, miscarriages, infertility… now my heart feels heavy.  How do my friends deal with so much at once???

Then I come back to the blog I mentioned above.  “The weight of glory always tips the scales for joy.”  God is good, He is faithful, and He will not give us more than we can handle!  I am exceedingly grateful for this fact today.  I pray that the truth of it will sink deep into your heart as well!


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  1. Love you and love to read your blogs!!!! ❤
    You are so sweet, but really. You should see my house right now, FAR from immaculate!! lol!!! Thank you for sharing the encouragement today!!! xoxoxo


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