Saturday musings


Wow, it’s been too long since I wrote a blog.  Today is probably not a good day for an in-depth, thought-provoking blog.  It’s been a very long… month?  And I feel pretty sapped of all mental and physical energy.  But I still feel like posting.  Since I’ll be home with just my two little girls for the next 6 days, I will hopefully re-charge and have something worth reading to post soon.  Until then, I’ve been missing Colorado.  Not just my family, but many things that never used to occur to me to be grateful for when we lived in the US.  Like free, beautiful, clean parks.  Chick fil-a playplaces.  Museums and zoos.  Bowling alleys.  Water parks.  Malls.  Sonic.  Our church.  Starbucks (you had to have known that was coming, right??) and Auntie Ann’s pretzels.  Of course WAY high on the list of things I miss are the people!  I miss SO many people.  Can you imagine how FUN Heaven is going to be???  My family, close friends, husband, ALWAYS TOGETHER!  I wonder if Heaven will have water parks?  I bet it will.

Anyway!  I started missing these things this-morning as I watched Nathan and Cloe and 13 team members pull out of our driveway.  They will be gone until next Thursday night, leaving me and Gabi and Brennah to fend for ourselves!  While I am actually looking forward to this down time (June and July have been NUTS), I feel bad for Gabi.  She’s already missing her big sister a lot!  As I watched the group drive away I started thinking “what can I do this week with Gabi that would be fun and special for her?”  Then I sat in utter silence.  Not a single idea.  I may have better luck tomorrow with the idea search, assuming I’ll have more than 5 hrs of sleep under my belt tomorrow.  But for today, nothing!  Then something in me said “if we were in Denver right now…” and I instantly had a dozen ideas come to mind.  Hmmm.  If I sat dreaming about this for too long, I could get really depressed.  Not long after this conversation with myself, I came across this video that my mom posted on her facebook.  I laughed so hard!!!  Then I thought “ok… I need to be more positive!”  So now I’m trying to focus on all the things I like about being here.

I like knowing that I am right where God wants me to be.  I love the thousand shades of green that I see when I look out my window!  I loooooooove my new sunroom!!!  I like being able to (s0rtof) speak another language.  I love it that I can get a world-class cup of coffee, right down the street, for less than a dollar.  I really have grown to like all the rain!  Those of you who know me may remember that I had a REALLY hard time adjusting to rainy season for the first few years.  Now, the hardest part is that my kids get a little stir-crazy when we have days on end of rain.  But I’m liking it more all the time!  It feels so cozy and homey to me.  Makes me want to bake cookies.  Or at least eat cookies.  I like being a missionary’s wife.  I try to imagine being a doctor’s wife, or a CEO’s wife, or any other kind of wife, and just can’t do it!  I love the fact that what my husband does every day is affecting people for eternity.  I’m starting to like the possibility of SO many ministry options down here.  It used to seem horribly overwhelming and daunting to me.  But I have so many ideas, and it doesn’t seem so far out of the realm of possibility anymore.  I love that we get to see God provide in miraculous ways for us on a regular basis.  I like living so close to so many oceans at the same time.  I love watching the huge variety of hummingbirds and butterflies that live around here.  I like getting to meet SO many new people as we host short-term mission teams.  I like knowing that someday, when friends and family come to visit here, I have some INCREDIBLE places to show them that most people never get to see.  I think it’s cool that my children are growing up bi-lingual, and comfortable in 2 very different cultures.  I also think it’s cool that we have our own website!

And just like that, I’m feeling better about living so far from the land of Starbucks and Chick fil-A.  I hope you are having a Saturday as relaxing as mine!  I hope that whatever you’re doing, it’s as relaxing as sitting on a couch with your 2 yr old draped across your lap, watching Blue’s Clues, eating pop-corn, and listening to the quiet patter of rain on the roof.  In the very least, I hope you can take a minute today to make a little list (either written or in your head) of all the things you love and are grateful for.  Happy Saturday!!!


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