One last thought on my oven


First, let me apologize for all of the oven analogies.  3 days in a row, Julie?  Seriously?  I know.

In my first post about my oven, I mentioned that it’s insane and turns itself off.  just as it gets up to temperature.  This-morning I was thinking about how annoying that is.  Especially when I have a dozen extra people here that I’m feeding, and I’ve gotten up an hour earlier than usual to get the egg casseroles cooking, and after about 2 min at cooking temp, it spazzes out and turns off!!!  AAAARGH!


I tend to avoid confrontation.  I don’t like being around people who yell.  When things heat up, I shut down.  I back away and try to get out of there or defuse the situation as quickly as possible.  While I am not so sure that this is a *bad* thing, I’ve been told that it’s annoying.  I have no intention of becoming a fighter/yeller, but I do think I need to be better about this.  On the rare occasion that I get upset with my precious husband, I tend to back off and stop talking.  Actually, I know quite a few people who employ this tactic of conflict resolution.  While this does manage to keep a fight from breaking out, the issue doesn’t get resolved.  It just festers and later pops up in a different area.  In between the time that I suppress my issue and when it comes up somewhere else, it somehow grows and tries to sneak out through snippy comments or little digging remarks.  Next thing I know, I’m completely livid about every little thing… TOTALLY unnecessary!

I hereby resolve to be better about resolving issues.  If it’s big enough to be upset about, it’s big enough to adress.  Otherwise, let it go.


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  1. does this have anything to do with our conversation the other day? I am the same way though- it is a lot better if I address the problem right away (kind of like discipline in parenting) then waiting for later. I guess my balancing comment is the other party may not be ready for the discussion and I think you need to weigh how receptive they will be, and if you can go to the Lord and deal with it there. He is always ready to listen!


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