Day 3… even slow progress is progress


We’re slowly gaining on the house disaster.  All of the laundry got finished today… now it just needs to be put away.  I’m going to have to bust a serious move tomorrow since play group is at my house at 4:30 and I have a bazillion things to do before then!

Nathan called today!  They were driving through a village called Coapilla and got a minute of cell reception.  YAY!  I love it when that happens.  Generally, he loses reception about an hour from home and then we don’t get to talk until he’s on his way home again several days later.  So this was a pleasant surprise.

He said that this GE team is incredible.  Everyone is working like crazy, no one sits around waiting to be told what to do, and there’s not a bad attitude to be found!  How refreshing!  He is a little discouraged with the outcome of whatever they’ve been doing… not sure what all that means because we didn’t have much time.  I do know that it’s regarding the Zoque response, not the team.  He couldn’t say enough good stuff about them in the two minutes we had!

I’m heading to bed an hour earlier than the last couple nights.  I really need to make some major progress on the house tomorrow!  Not to mention the grocery shopping.  But I keep telling myself that as long as they house isn’t getting any worse, it’s progress.  And any progress is better than no progress!  So here’s to a highly productive day tomorrow… for me AND you!


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  1. Aww, I’m so glad you got to talk to Nathan yesterday!!
    And ABSOLUTELY, the house is getting better -not worse- slow but sure, I’m sure by the end of today it’ll be sparkling!! 🙂


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