Day 2… cleaning is therapeutic


My oven is clean!!  See?

Until today, I actually thought that the glass on the oven door was supposed to be tinted.  Turns out, it just needed some major scrubbing.  Hey, cut me some slack!  This oven is a relatively new addition to our house (though it’s by no means “new”) and I’ve never had to clean it before.  I also cleaned my sun room top to bottom today.  I’m feeling pretty good about that.  But you’ll have to check my photo blog to see pics of it.  🙂  I have two sisters that can clean (and take before/after pics) of their entire houses in just one day.  But somehow I didn’t get that wonderwoman gene, so I just get excited to do one room a day.

Since last night’s encounter with my stove made me think of my own need for a deep clean, I wondered tonight what lesson I could draw from the oven-cleaning experience.  As I leaned into that stinky oven I came to my first point… this is uncomfortable.  That’s fitting, right?  When you tell God “purify my heart” do you expect Him to just zap it in the most painless method?  I don’t.  Maybe I’m pessimistic.  I prefer to call it realistic.  I know that when I ask God to grow me, I need to brace myself.  Because introspection is not comfortable.  Having His gentle hand point out a short-coming, grudge or nastiness in me is generally a bit painful.  But how else do you get that part clean?

My other observation was my nails.  I’m not generally concerned with them.  There’s no great salon here that I’ve ever noticed to get them done at.  Even if I knew of one, chances are, I would probably say “eh, it’s not high enough on my priority list to spend money on!”  But when I finished washing everything out and looked at my hands, I couldn’t help but let out a groan.  They are stained black!  Two nails broke in the midst of the scrubbing, and all the other nails were a weird grey soot color.  And again, this strikes me as fitting to my lesson.  If I’m serious about cleaning out the junk in my life, I need to be willing to get dirty.  It’s going to require some honesty.  When He asks “why does this bother you?” I am going to have to really dig for the real answer instead of the one that I think sounds nicer.

All of this seems daunting to me.  And not fun.  I’m not sure I’m interested.  But then I think of the end result.  An oven that is as clean on the inside as it is on the outside.  One that doesn’t stink when you turn up the heat.  I *am* interested in that.  I want to be the kind of oven that can have the heat cranked up, pressure on, and work efficiently without any smoke or horrible smell.  I want to be usable for my Master.

Did I just say I want to be an oven?  Alright.  Bedtime has definitely arrived.  Hopefully the point wasn’t lost in the bizarre analogy!

Day 2 of our week without daddy has passed and all three of my girls are quietly sleeping the night away.  I’m excited to join them.  Please keep Nathan and the GE team in your prayers!  We have no communication with them while they are in the jungle, but they should have started their children’s program today.


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  1. I think it’s a great analogy, Jules! Definitely praying for Nathan and the team…hang in there, just 3 more days and he’ll be home again!! 🙂 Love you!!


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