Trouble sleeping


Have you ever fallen into bed, well after midnight, and tried forcing yourself to sleep?  It’s after midnight, for crying out loud!  I’m tired!  Why won’t my brain shut up?  I want to be peacefully dreaming of nothing imporant, instead of laying here listening to the pattern in our white noise machine and wishing I was dreaming.  That was me last night.

In the back of my mind (for over a year, since we found out that #3 was on the way,) I’ve been thinking “how am I going to get all 3 girls sleeping in that tiny little bedroom?”  But I’ve been telling myself “it’ll work out somehow… don’t worry about it `till it’s time.”  Well, it’s time.  Brennah has been sleeping in our room since day 1.  Right after we found out that she was about to join our family, Nathan and I had a nice long talk about the logistics of our house and sleeping arrangements.  In truth, I sorta freaked out and then calmed down enough to have a good talk.  We thought “9 months… that’s probably enough time to get the upstairs done, right?”  Years ago, the deal was that we’d have the upstairs finished (making our house an amazing FOUR bedrooms!!!) before baby #3 came along.  Last summer I came to grips with the fact that this was not happening.  Ever since then, I’ve been avoiding thinking about it.  Until last night!  It came crashing in on all sides, and would not be ignored.  Simply because we’re at a hotel in Comitan (near the Guatemala border, waiting for 72 hrs to pass so we can renew all our papers) and all of us are sleeping in 1 room.  Brennah is a very light sleeper, and Gabi talks in her sleep.  And falls out of the bed on a regular basis.  So Brennah started fussing around 11:30, and soon had gotten loud enough that both of the big girls were crying as well.  Finally, an hour later, everyone was back asleep… except me!  This is when the issue of the bedrooms really hit me.  The girl’s bedroom is really quite tiny, and there is no space for Brennah’s bed at the moment.  Unless we take out the drawer set.  But then there is nowhere for Cloe’s clothes and all their toys!  I could possibly clean the toys out to a bare minimum and put a toy box in the living room.  Which turns the living room into a play/messy room… not sure I am prepared for that!  And we still would have to find a new home for Cloe’s clothes.  Even if we could somehow cram all 3 girls into that room, how do we keep them from waking eachother up all night long?  These are the questions on my mind.

I mentioned that we are in Comitan, waiting for our papers to be renewable.  I am praying that they will let us get them tomorrow morning (even though it will not technically be 72 hrs until 7pm tomorrow) so we can head home.  Our plans for this week were totally shot in the head!  On our way down here, we encountered a Zapatista road block.  So we turned around and took an alternate route to Comitan.  A much much longer route!  By the time we finally reached the border and cancelled our visas, our plan had changed several times.  In the end, we decided it would be wisest for us to not risk going all the way into Guatemala to visit Lake Atitlan.  So we came back to Comitan to wait out the 72 hr period.  Did I mention that we left on this adventure first thing Monday morning, after I arrived home 11 pm Sunday night?  I haven’t unpacked from last week’s emergency trip to the US (thank you Mom, Dad, Dr. Randy and Kimberly for making it possible for me to chew again!!!), and now we’re on another trip.

We have another team coming on Saturday night!  This one is smaller than the GA team… only 11 people.  But they’ll be here for 3 weeks instead of 1.  Nathan and Stephenie worked on getting things ready for them while I was in CO.  Apparently, all the beds are made and the downstairs fixed up again!  That’s a relief.  Now I just need to get my house back in order, unpack and do laundry from the last couple weeks of travel, and work on the menu plan and groceries we’ll be needing.  I am hoping to get our monthly e-mail update written today, get the website updated tonight, and get it all sent out before we get home and get busy with the GE team. 

Why, you may ask, am I writing a blog instead?  Cuz I need to get it out!  I can only think about these things for so long… then they just need to get out.  I hope this doesn’t sound like an entire blog of whining!  LOL!  Because really, I am not upset about any of the above.  I wouldn’t even say that these things are stressing me out!  I just keep coming back to them, thinking around and around in circles in my head.  My hope is that writing it all out will make it go away so I can focus on other things.  If, in the process, you want to help me by praying for these issues, that would be awesome!

I have no idea what time it was last night when I finally came to rest on Isaiah 26:3… “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed upon You, because he trusts in You.”  I am nowhere near obtaining that!!  But am going to keep reminding myself to try.


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  1. Aww, you always have my prayers, Beautiful! You’re welcome for the EXTREMELY small part I had in letting you chew again. 🙂
    Praying and praying for a solution to the girls bedroom issues…. 😦 Love you! ❤


  2. Me! Me! I’m praying for you! We’ve all been sharing a room the last week (and will be for the next 7) and it makes me think of you a lot…we so need to chat I miss our little im sessions 😦

    Love you!


    • Ahhhh fun times, hu?? We got used to traveling and sleeping in the same room when it was just the two girls. But Brennah is a terrible sleeper and adds a whole new dynamic! Bleh.
      I miss our chats too! Let’s talk soon. Love you too!!!


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