Being still and busy


This-morning, my precious 3rd born called to me from her bed (and what has now become her room… not sure what we’ll do with the 2 big girls…) at 6 am.  The second my eyes opened, my mind jumped straight from “park” to “5th gear” and hasn’t stopped since.  My body, however, is struggling to just stay in 1st gear! 

After I fed Brennah and laid her back down, I sat down on the couch and briefly noticed the sunrise throwing it’s colors all over the clouds.  It’s a bummer to wake up to gloomy skies, but amazing the colors they take on when the sun first hits them.  Just for a few minutes, but it’s there.  I glanced at it, then started to run off to do the first thing on my to-do list.  Just then, a still small voice said “be still.”  So I sat back down.  I glanced out the window again and thought “wow, that’s pretty” and then “ok God, now I need to get busy.”  He persisted “no, be still.”  The sunrise continued to change hue and I took a deep breath.  As I’ve done so many times before, I told God that this day was gonna be busy, and I’m a little stressed, and a lot tired, and I need Him.  I need Him to help me be patient with my girls.  To honor my husband.  To think of yummy, semi-healthy things to make for all the people in my house this week.  To think clearly even when my house is a mess.  (Does anyone else feel like their mental clarity is directly linked to the messy-level of their house??)

Right there, in the stillness of 6:20 am, I was able to bask in the stillness.  To breathe in the quiet, knowing that I wouldn’t experience it again until late tonight.  Now, as I feed the baby and get ready for an afternoon of grocery shopping and cooking and preparing for the rest of the crazy week, I am so grateful for those moments of being still.  Of reminding myself that HE is God.  That HE is bigger than any of my current issues.  HE has given me this loaded plate because HE was confident that I could handle it.

So this is me, choosing to believe Him!  And grateful for the stillness of 6:20 am.


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  1. my stress level is very related to the cleanliness of my house! It is so true that we can be at peace in the craziness when we are with Him. Thank you Jesus for your rest in the midst of chaos!


  2. Thank you for the reminder to be still….as always you’re an inspiration, challange, and encouragment to me!! ❤ ❤ ❤ you!!!


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