I’m already dead


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice already the Beth Moore study on Esther that I’ve been doing.  It’s been really good, and I’m enjoying it so much!  Last week in the group session video, she said something that really got me thinking. 

Beth was talking about the “what if’s” that we live in fear of.  She elaborated for a minute on the fear of death.  At one point she said something like “just imagine like Paul said… I’m already dead!”  Of course she is referring to Galatians 2:20 where Paul says “I have been crucified with Christ.”  She went on with her lesson, which was excellent.  But my mind kept spinning around this one thought.

I’ve loved Gal 2:20 for a long time.  I’ve loved (since I was probably… 13 yrs old?) the Phillips, Craig and Dean song that quotes that verse word for word.  But somehow it’s never before hit me the way it did last Thursday.

[Beware the upcoming rabbit trail…]  Isn’t God’s Word cool like that?  You can read a certain verse a thousand times, then one day it just comes to life and smacks you between the eyes.  This is my argument for why Christians should never feel like they’ve read the Bible,  know what it says, and don’t need to spend more time in it.  Because I don’t believe it’s possible for us to ever understand (in this life, anyway) the depth and meaning of every verse in the Bible.  Where a verse might one day go in one ear and out the other, the next day is liable to apply to your situation in that particular moment in a way that makes you think “what that verse there yesterday???”

Anyway, I started thinking about being dead.  If I’m dead, then what am I doing here?  Well the next part of the verse answers it… “it’s not me, but Christ living in me.”  Just sitting here thinking about what my next sentence should be makes my head swim.  Where do you go from there???  This changes everything!!!  Being with my kids is now an opportunity for Jesus to love them, THROUGH me.  A friend or family member who hurts my feelings doesn’t have to bring up hard feelings or anger… because *that* me is dead.  Christ’s response is the one that counts now.  Loving that unlovable person is maybe not so impossible after all.  Because Christ loves them, and the “me” that can’t stand them is dead now!  Convenient, right?

How would this change our every-day lives if we really let it sink in?  How much more patience would I have with my children?  Would it just roll off my back when people criticize me for being a “Jesus nut”?  Would I have an easier time seeing people the way Jesus does and treating them accordingly?  I think so.


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  1. Wow!!! Just what I needed. I am so fed up with my short patience with my kids. I was crying about it last night to Aaron. And yet my irritability seems so ingrained that the thought of conquering it overwhelms me. How freeing to know that “I” am already dead. It is not me that cares for my children, but Christ who lives in me.


  2. Jules, don’t ever stop blogging, you challange and encourage me everytime you write. Love your beautiful heart!!! ❤


  3. Just what I needed too…. with my kids, losing weight, loving my hubby, speaking the truth. Thanks for sharing this one!


  4. Those are some great thoughts, Julie! It’s so freeing to know that it is Christ working through us to accomplish His purposes. Arg, if only I wouldn’t keep getting in the way… 🙂


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