Goodbye, squish!


That’s it.  I’ve had it.  I’m officially tired of looking at my wardrobe and thinking “wow it would be nice if those fit again…”  Or looking in the mirror and thinking “ew.”  More than anything else, I’m tired of being tired!  Yes, I realize that the sleepy part is largely due to having a 7 month old baby who likes to wake up several times every night and not having any good place to put her so she can keep herself company.  I regularly dream about what it would feel like to sleep for a full 8 hrs, uninterrupted.  I’m sorry to say I can’t even remember the last time that happened.  I would guess about a year ago…

Anyway!  I feel a little bit on the helpless side of the sleep deprivation.  But I’ve decided to assert some control over the rest of it!  I remember a day, a few months after Cloe was born, when I realized that my energy level was directly affected by my fitness level.  What’s ironic about this is how ridiculously hard it is to make yourself excercise when you’re completely exhausted!  This-morning I decided I was going to have to re-test that theory.  For days I’ve been thinking “this Monday, I’m gonna get serious.”  Then Monday rolled around.  It was only 7 am (I had originally thought I’d try to get up at 6 and have an hour before the girls woke up) but I could barely open my eyes.  Yet another long night with Brennah!  My precious husband waited for me to finish nursing the baby, then took her out and closed the door, probably hoping I’d go back to sleep and wake up much happier in an hour. 😉 But I laid there thinking “if I wait to start working out and eating good on a day that I’m not at all tired, I may never start. I have 3 kids, afterall.”  So I dragged my sleepy self out of bed and popped in a DVD my sister gave me called “Turbo Jam.”  Does the name say it all???  Yep.  The people on that video are ridiculously perky and energetic… almost scarily so.  But I told myself “if this is what Kimberly does, it’s clearly working.”  So I did it!  Well, kinda.  I did the “learn and burn” part of the video where they teach you all their moves.  I was done in 20 minutes.  But remember that’s 20 minutes longer than any workout that I’ve done in at least a year!  I finished, hopped in the shower, took all my measurements and weighed myself.

Why am I telling you all of this???  Good question.  I may regret it later when my enthusiasm has worn off.  But for now, here’s my plan.  I intend to come back next month and post my progress.  You are the thing that is going to make me get up and move in the morning when I feel like NOT moving… knowing that I have to come back and post my progress.  I’m not as concerned about losing a number of pounds as I am just getting back in shape and comfortably back into my old jeans.  Cuz new jeans are expensive!  And besides, I like my old ones.

So there it is.  I am sure that in a few days I will be appalled that I posted this on my blog.  But maybe it will encourage you?  Maybe you even want to join me in the challenge?  Everything is more fun with a friend!


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  1. Me too! I am half way through my weight loss challenge, but I have to crack down these last few weeks. It will be great to do it with you! It’s awesome you are doing this for yourself and your family- happy Momma = happy babies!


  2. Ok, Let’s do it! After posting those pics, and ANOTHER month of not getting pregnant. . . I now have 3 weeks at least to crack down hard. Excercise, eat right, etc. You know what my new favorite lunch is? Salad with chicken nuggets and egg. SO SO yummy!


  3. Yaaaaaaay!!!! Good for you, Jules!! You’re gonna love Turbo Jam once you get all the moves down….and you get so nice and sweaty you KNOW it’s doing something!!! 😀
    I’m so excited for you, you’ll be getting those sexy abs, meanwhile I’m be losing it all!!!!! lol (actually, it’s already all gone, sad to say! lol)
    Can’t wait to hear what you think about it!!! 🙂 Love ya!


  4. Jewel,
    Wow, thanks for sharing! You are BRAVE! Good for you. 🙂

    Your post reminded me of a website I recently joined, that was started by a man who wanted to help people with weight loss and fitness. It’s at (and I’m on there–let me know if you want to find & friend me). Everything is free, and there are all kinds of things to help you reach whatever your goals are. The biggest plus is all the positivity and encouragement from everyone who is on there. It’s a really cool site. (If you join you’ll probably get way more out of it than I have yet because you’re so much more motivated, but that’s cool!)

    Anyway, love ya!



  5. Wow, good for you! Having lost 50 pounds (!!!) I can tell you what a HUGE difference feeling good about myself has made in EVERY aspect of my life, my marriage included. (And I never considered myself a self-disciplined person at all.) So, now I’m challenging myself to become a runner, using the Couch to 5K running program. I started last week so I will be sure and report next month how I’m doing. It’s nice to have others to chat about this stuff with 🙂


  6. You go girl! I finally reached my weight goal a few months ago, and then lost 10 more pounds. I am fitter than I’ve ever been in my life. Part of it is running around after 2 boys. I used weight watchers – it worked for me. I went from being 173 pre-pregnancy, to 127! Breast-feeding has sure helped as my youngest is still nursing at 10 months. But the other big help has been my garden and house projects. Between all of the raking, hoeing, and now scraping/sanding our home exterior, I am all buffed up. God is so good in helping me be more disciplined.


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