The other side of the immigration problem


As in, on the other side of the border.  It’s something I’ve been concerned about for a long time.  For some reason, it’s on my mind this-morning!  I get SO worked up when I read things in the news about illegal immigrants who think the United States owes them something.  Anything, for that matter!  Where’s the logic?  Sneak across the border, then demand free health care and education and jobs without taxes?  What???  People (like myself) who were born in the US and have generations of ancestors born in the US still pay taxes and pay (through the nose) for health care.  Why would you get it for free just because you didn’t get caught crossing the border?

I’ve decided that the problem here is flawed thinking.  It starts waaaaaay South of the border.  People here (and even further South, in Guatemala) see the US as the promised land.  Where everyone has SO much money, they don’t know what to do with it.  Every other person is a mini-star with money dripping from their finger tips.  So much so that we all spend thousands of dollars on a dog collar, millions on a house, and countless amounts on hair and beauty products.  Okay, so some of that might be true.  But I definitely wouldn’t call it a fair picture of the general population, would you??

Down here, many people have a “community” mind-set.  I’m not sure I can describe it, but I’ll try.  It’s like the whole “it takes a village” thought… but not just about raising kids.  What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.  If you have a bunch of furniture and I have none, then you owe it to me to share.  You have 2 cars and I have none, so I’m perfectly within my rights to take one of your cars.

Yeah, it’s bizarre.  And hard for me to fathom.  How do they figure that if they worked hard to earn something, it’s ok for me to come and claim it?  I certainly don’t understand it.

What’s more bothersome to me though, are all the ones left behind by those illegal immigrants.  We know many women who have been raising kids and trying to survive down here, all alone.  Because at some point, their husband said “I can make so much more money if I can get to the US.”  So he and truck-full of his buddies take off, with the promise of returning rich.  Amazingly, some of them have!  But most don’t.  One lady in particular has just assumed that her husband was killed somewhere along the way because he hasn’t contacted them for 7 yrs.  Another lady decided her husband wasn’t coming back (after several years of no contact) so she remarried, mostly out of the need to survive and take care of her kids.  Then one day, husband #1 comes back to town!  Naturally, he wasn’t particularly pleased with the new arrangement.

The long and short of it is that we, the American citizens, are not the only ones suffering because of the MASSIVE immigration problem.  We are all in dire need of a solution!  When illegals are caught sneaking across the border, they ship them back here.  Where, we’ve been told, the Mexican gov’t gives them a little food and water and puts them on a bus back up to the border to try again.  What???  Will someone with some kind of power PLEASE do something???

I do not appreciate that attitude that the US owes anyone anything.  But I have come to a place where I can’t really blame them for trying to get across, either.  They hear stories of untold wealth that they don’t stand a chance of finding here.  The occasional good man would love to provide that for his family, even at the risk of losing his life. It does take a bit of valor to even attempt it.

One last thought on this.  Thanks to there being SO many illegals in the US, law-abiding Mexicans have a ridiculously hard time getting a visa to visit our beautiful country!  I have American girl friends married to Mexican men who have been trying for years to get a visa to the US.  Just so they can spend Christmas there with her family!  It’s really the epitomy of unfair.

I am so curious as to what this situation is going to look like in 10 more years.  The US is rapidly becoming a Spanish-speaking country.  US kids are getting in trouble for wearing their own flag on a t-shirt to school??  We need to start speaking out.  Unless you’re ok with the US being one great big New Mexico!


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  1. Excellent writing dear, and you’re right. I wish there was some magic fix it answer because it isn’t fair for those who try to come her legally and have a hard time, yet those who walk right over and cause much of the problems think it’s okay and we should give them a free pass. Ugh…

    Love this though 🙂


  2. : )

    A few years ago in debate, my sister and I ran a debate case to repeal quotas on immigration. Wouldn’t it be great if we made a policy to actually help fix the problem? Continue enforcement? Absolutely. But let’s help the enforcement by reducing the amount of immigrants crossing the border illegally. The flow over the Southern border is so large, it is difficult for border control to tell who is a dangerous criminal/disguised terrorists/etc. as opposed to your average immigrant just wanting to make a living. The reason many opt to cross illegally is because their is no legal option.

    Actually I’m going to stop typing now haha.


  3. Grrrr. I totally agree with you! It’s so frustrating that there’s not a whole lot we can do about it either… :-p


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