Anxious for September


I’m pretty sure that this will win the “most random post” award, but hey.  My fingers are itching to type, and this topic is all I can think about this-morning!

I turned 30 on Saturday.  My beloved husband has asked me several times over the last few weeks “what do you want to do for your birthday?” naturally assuming that I would say something like “let’s go to dinner” or “take me to a chick-flick at the theatre” or something normal like that.  But nooooo, not me!  I thnk the first time he asked I said “I want to go to lunch with my sisters.”  The second time was “I want to go to Starbucks with Nikki for an entire afternoon.”  Another time was “I want us to all be at Redeemer this Sunday.”  Then “I want to go to Michigan to visit Amanda.”  And yet another time was “I want a lunch date with my dad and a shopping trip with my mom.”  So random, right???  Some times he responded with a hug and “I know, babe.”  Other times he said “only a few more months, and we’ll be there!”  One time he actually offered to go buy a plane ticket so I could go right then!  (I believe this was the time that he could sesnse how serious I was, and heard the home-sickness in my voice!)  But I said “no, save the money. I can wait for September.”

September is going to be SO much fun!!!  Of course it will be a short trip as usual, but since it’s in the fall instead of over Christmas, it will be more productive.  2 weeks of travel (1 to get to CO and one to get back here), 2 weeks in Denver, 2 weeks in Pueblo, and then it’s over.  Trips to the US are always so crazy and exhausting!  But I love it.  I love being with my family, spending Sundays with our church family, meeting all the new families that have come since we were there last… it’s great!  This Sep is going to be especially fun because I’m pretending to still be 29 until then.  😉  Actually, I’m not.  But it’s a good excuse to have a party with my dearest friends and sisters, right?  It’s gonna be AWEsome, as Cloe would say.

Speaking of Cloe, she keeps asking how many more days until we get to see her “bestest” friend Natalie.  Nikki and I were due with those girls just 2 days apart, and I’m always a little surprised at how much they STILL love eachother.  So sweet.  Getting the two of them together is adorable.  It’s hours of giggling, almost non-stop!  And their mamas are just fine with it, as it provides so much time for us to sit and catch up.  Thank God for bosom buddies.

We are now in the process of trying to coordinate all our friend and church visits.  So if by chance you are wanting us to visit you or your church, let me know ASAP!  We’re trying to get it all on the calendar and confirmed in the next month or so.

I can not wait to see those beautiful mountains again, covered in all their beautiful fall colors!  It’s been several years since I’ve seen the color change in Colorado, due to my inexplicable desire to be there for Christmas instead.  When you only get to go home once a year, you’ve gotta choose!  But I’m really looking forward to being home in the fall this time, when we won’t have to deal with constant bundling for snow-readiness and bursting ear-drums.  I’m not sure how well I’ll handle being back here and alone for Christmas, but we will burn that bridge when we get there.  Actually, I’m sorta refusing to think about it right now.  I’m just SO looking forward to September!


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  1. I am so excited about September too! I am totally going through Julie withdrawal or jujudrawal as we like to call it at our house… can’t hold on much LOOOONNNGGER…….!!!!!!


  2. I teared up at your first paragraph. I seldom think about how lucky I am to have my sister, mother, brother, grandmother, grandfather,cousins, aunts and uncles just minutes away. And sometimes the tention and stress of being so close weighs on me, but with your words you made me realize that every minute I get with them is precious and I should make the most of it.
    Your blogs have been hitting so close to home with me (for example, the one sided relationships) it has encouraged me to sit back and evaluate my life.
    Thanks again for sharing your experiences and thoughts. Your strength is very encouraging.


    • You are so sweet Dali. I know that being close full time can be stressful. But we always miss what is not currently in our grasp, right?? I pray that you can enjoy the closeness of your family and friends. It really is a blessing, even though it can be rough! 🙂


  3. yeah random allright! but i am glad you posted it. you know why i offer you to fly home? just the thought of the driving and the packing and driving and packing and packing and driving, and then spending $$$ we don’t really have yet… it makes my stomach flip flop… so yeah… anytime you wanna go on your own for a week or a year just say the word. leave me the babies though!


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