It’s here!  Finally!  Ridiculous story behind this machine.

For about a year now, our refrigerator has been warning of it’s impending death.  The repairman finally (after half a dozen visits to our house) threw up his hands and said “no use… it’s dead.”  That was several months ago!  So I’ve been praying for a new fridge.  The dumb thing would alternate between freezing EVERYTHING inside it… milk, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, etc… to being barely below room temperature.  So I’m either throwing things out because they are sour from not being cold enough, or I’m throwing them out because they froze and then went to mush.  Grrrrr.  The prayers for a new fridge continue.  Then, a few weeks ago, Nathan got an e-mail.  A tour client from Mexico City wants over a week of his time!  My first thought was “ugh… for real??? 9 days home alone with all 3 girls?”  And then I realized what this would mean for my kitchen.  We could afford a new fridge!!!  This was my consolation for the entire time Nathan was gone with his tour clients.

The day Nathan got back, our fridge was done being cold.  REALLY truly done this time.  In the past, I could thaw everything out for a day and get a few more weeks of cold out of it.  But not this time.  It really bit the dust in earnest this time.  So we went to Sam’s Club.  Found the PERFECT fridge for (surprise!) less than I was expecting.  We went up front, paid for the thing, then waited for an hour.  Finally, we said “hey, you’ll have to bring it to us when you find it cuz we’ve gotta run!”  Now, 3 days later, it has been delivered!!!!  In the end, we got the floor model and a great discount… because the 2 that they supposedly have in stock have vanished into thin air.  But whatever!  Cuz I have a new fridge! 

I have also learned a little lesson in the process.  Sometimes, God flat out gives us what we need.  Other times, He provides the means that allow us to fill the need ourselves.  He didn’t drop a fridge in our laps, He gave Nathan the opportunity to work for it.  If you have a need in your life (say, an opperating refrigerator), don’t wait for Him to deliver it to your door while you turn down work opportunities or waste the money you DO have on something else.  He doesn’t always provide in exactly the way we think He will… or should!  But He does provide. 🙂

So here it is!!!  My dream refrigerator!


It’s a dream on the inside as well….

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  1. Hey wait!! We’ve gone shopping for refridgerators and I NEVER found one with Dr Pepper in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, maybe stuff in Mexico aint so bad…. 😉
    God is amazig the way He provides!! 🙂 So glad they finally delivered it too, it is beautiful!!


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