House woes


We’ve recently rearranged our entire living space! Our house is quite small, so we are trying to make the most of the space we have. We had a porch on one end of our house that we never ever used, so we closed it in and made it in to the living room! I love it out there. It’s bright even on cloudy days, and has a beautiful view.  Our old living room is our new dining room. I’m having a hard time with it! I like the location. But it looks… wrong. The walls look strange now that the entertainment system is gone from the one wall. So I have just decided to post my pictures and ideas here, and see what input you might have!

First, pictures of our current situation.

(yes, that is Cloe next to the fireplace, with a doily on her head!)

Here are the issues we have. I can’t duplicate exactly the yellow wash on the walls. I can’t change the tile floor or the tile/brick ceiling… so any colors we do have to work with those. I like the contrast we have going on the arches down the hallway. The maroon/brick color goes well with the ceiling AND floor. I’d like to add a little more color to the dining room walls, but still want to keep it mostly bright. Because once rainy season starts and we go weeks without sunshine, I need the light walls. I think. 🙂 So here’s my one and only idea!

I have this bunch of picture frames that Nathan made for me. Our idea was to make a sort of collage out of them. They are simple silver frames, and 2 pieces of glass that the picture goes between. Each frame is made to be a few inches larger than each picture, so that a little bit of the wall behind it is visible. I am thinking of painting the wall JUST behind the collage the same maroon/brick color as we have around the arch windows. Because I don’t love the way the yellow looks behind the pictures. Nathan suggested maybe painting a big brick-colored square on the right wall (the one that currently has the 3 mountain scenes on it), making a silver frame to go around it, then putting our collage of small frames inside that. Similar to something we saw in a Pottery Barn magazine one time. Then on the wall with the quilt and candles I want to paint a saying or verse or something. Has some ideas that I like a lot. But I would do the words in the same brick color.

I’ve also considered doing some kind of border up near the ceiling or maybe a chair rail of some sort… these walls are huge. All of our ceilings are 10′ so it feels like a ton of wall to deal with. But they are concrete and irregular so we can’t do anything like a wood chair rail or crown molding… the wall is too bumpy! What do you think? I can’t wait to read your thoughts.


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  1. Could you paint like a 2″ stripe of brick color as a chair rail? Or would that only draw attention to bumps? i like the idea of painting a block of the birck color for behind the frames. Not sure what I think of framing the entire birck colored block… especially if the large frame cannot sit flush against the wall, due to the bumpiness of the wall. I also love the idea of he vinyl quote… but then I love words, artfully done in any situation. I love the yellow color of your walls. It’s light and airy, but it’s not white or beige.

    I want to see the rest of your house.


  2. Hmmm! I LOVE your arches, they are gorgeous! I like the idea of painting the area behind the frames and adding the words up in the brick. Maybe you could even blow up the letters big on your printers and trace and paint them on. You have a BEAUTIFUL place!


  3. Going along with what Bren said what if you painted the bottom of the wall the maroon color? (or even a rich brown color) something that works well with the floor tile. I can’t tell from the pictures but you make it sound (to me) like the floor and ceiling don’t go “match” very well. That’s actually fine you don’t want things to clash but having things that are similar but different actually add interest imho. The only caution I have in painting any kind of chair rail is the rounded corners on you walls make it really hard to make it look neat without continuing the chair rail around the wall. I think adding metals (like the silver picture frames or copper stuff too) is an excellent idea your house has such a natural feel I love the idea of throwing in random industrial looking things in the mix


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