Good day for gratefulness


I got more sleep last night than I’ve had in several weeks. I had almost forgotten how good it feels to  jump up out of bed because I’m ready to get up, not because I *have* to!  Usually, I fly out of bed to the sound of one of my kids screaming that another kid is trying to kill them… or in the very least, stealing their favorite baby doll. Then I stumble out of my room, met by a house that closely resembles a war zone. At least, that’s been the norm the last several weeks since my youngest (Brennah, 4 1/2 months old) went on her sleep strike. It’s been a frustrating few weeks for me, trying to figure out exactly what her deal is, and how to fix it. But as I got up to feed her at 3 am this-morning, the thought struck me that I need to refocus. I still have so much to be grateful for!

I have tried to imagine what my life would be like if I suddenly didn’t have Brennah in my world anymore. I most definitely would get more sleep. But at the expense of not having such a precious angel in my house… I wouldn’t make that trade for anything!!!  Brennah is an absolute ray of sunshine around here. She is amazing. Most recently, she has discovered her toes… I love that stage! Last night I left her on the couch while I got the 2 big girls ready for bed. A few minutes later I came back and the toes on her right foot were completely wrinkley from being chewed on! As I type, she is laying in my arms, staring at me in absolute wonder. I wouldn’t trade those adoring smiles for all the world.

And then there’s Gabi. 🙂 This child (2 1/2 yrs old right now) keeps me on my toes more than the other 2 combined! But she also makes us laugh on a very regular basis. This is the child who randomly announces that she’s going to Paris… to buy shoes, of course.  Or she will look up at me and out of the blue gasp and say “Mom! I remember you!!!” She incredibly affectionate as well. Several times a day she just feels the need to kiss me or hug my leg. Last night, I made an Italian pasta casserole, peaches and cream, and Italian cream sodas for dinner. She would literally, after every bite or sip of her drink, sit back and sigh “ahhh… this so LUMMY!” And at least 3 times over the course of the meal said “thank for this lummy dinner Mom!!!” If I am ever in doubt of my parenting abilites, I simply have to give Gabi a piece of cheese or chocolate and she will quickly assure that I am the best mama EVER EVER. Did I mention she is also my clumsy child? At this moment she is sitting ON my feet, recovering from another head-bonk.

Cloe is my first-born… a whopping 5 yrs old already!? They weren’t kidding when they said time flies. It seems like yestrday that I was folding and refolding all the clothes in her drawers, anxiously waiting for her to be born. Now, she is my buddy! No matter what it is that I’m doing, Cloe is there. Whether it’s reading e-mails, typing my monthly update, doing dishes, feeding Brennah… Cloe wants to get right in the middle of it, “helping” me. I love how she can make friends with anyone, aywhere. Living in Southern Mexico, she sticks out like a sore thumb. When we go into town, people passing by will reach out and touch her hair… she doesn’t even notice anymore. If someone brings it to her attention she’ll say “it’s ok, they are just curious about what it feels like.” I’ve never seen another 5 yr be so good at being a big sister. She adores Gabi and Brennah! When Gabi wants to play hide and seek, Cloe sweetly feigns confusion while she “looks” for Gabi and then is always appropriately surprised when Gabi jumps out to scare her. I made macaronni and cheese the other day for lunch… NOT Cloe’s favorite. As was sat down to eat together, she took a bite, cringed a little, then said “thanks Mom… this is… yummy.” All the while with a precious little smile on her face. One last little note about Cloe… she has the entire script (including the songs and dances) of “White Christmas” memorized. It is unusual for us to make it through a day without hearing Cloe’s version of “Sisters” or “The best things happen while you’re dancing.”

Last but definitely far from the least, is my precious husband! Nathan and I have been married for 7 1/2 yrs. He is amazing. He’s an incredible daddy and wonderful husband! Our girls adore him almost as much as I do. Since the sleep strike began (and many times prior to it), he has been faithful to slip out of bed first thing in the morning and take care of the 2 big girls while I attempt to sleep a bit. If he hears Brennah awake in our room, he will come in and ask if he can take her out as well. How many husbands are that thoughtful on a day-to-day basis?? He is my champion and hero. There have been times (probably more than I would care to count) when I have been completely worked up and upset over something that maybe doesn’t really bother him at all. But without fail, he will go to bat for me. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a man, but I’m glad I did it. Nathan is the kind of guy that lives out his faith every day… he doesn’t just preach it. He is so completely undemanding and laid-back… he never freaks out about the house being a mess or dinner being burned… even when I am totally freaked out! I used to wonder what the man I would marry would think of my family. Would he like them as much as I do? Turns out, he does. I can’t even get a sentance out about how great my dad is without him jumping in to finish the sentance for me. 🙂 Most of the time I think people do not understand this precious man of mine. But that’s a different blog for a different day. Today, I just want to go on record with this statement… I am SO grateful for my sweet little family. God knew what He was doing when He put us all together.

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  1. This is a really Good Post!!! :D.. Your love for your family is really evident and so amazing!! You are a great role model for future moms and Young moms out there!!! :D..

    Your Girls are soo adorable!! 😀


  2. Julie, You have an amazing way with words, and such a wonderful family. Sean and I were amazed how you and Nathan were able to manage three young kids with such organization and order. They have such manners and grace. Watching you two with your children gives us hope that we can manage at least one. ;0)
    When you describe Nathan, it sounds very similar to Sean. It must be the Terrell blood in them. They are wonderful strong providers, yet some of the most compassionate human beings one will ever encounter.
    We are looking forward to seeing you all again in the fall.
    Keep up the blogs, you are an inspiration to many!
    Love, Dali


  3. You are an amazing mom, and an excellent writer too! 🙂
    I love your WHOLE lil family more than words can ever say!! ❤ (…….does that mean I love myself in a weird sort of way?) 😀


  4. I often doze in bed and don’t get out until the kids are screaming at each other. 😛 It’s not ideal, but being so tired is no fun at all.

    I love that picture of Cloe… so grown up and feelin’ it. lol!!

    A thought on Brennah (Have I ever told you how much I love that name?) 😛
    With her being four months old… she may have hit that stage where her newborn “know how to sleep” instincts (usually lasts about 3 months) have expired and she’s having a hard time figuing out how to go back to sleep when she’s roused a little at night. All mine hit a sleepless stage right at about 4 months. Ethan was the worse. But it only took about 4 days of working on it to get him to figure it out.

    I think your girls are hilarious and cute. And I know Cherith would love to play with them. Poor girl has yet to find any friends her age that are girls.


    • Re: Brennah… that’s very possible! My other girls didn’t do that, but maybe B is starting a new trend. 😉 Last night was considerably better, so maybe she’s coming out of it? Either that or it was a growth spurt and an attempt to build the milk supply. Did you let yours cry it out?
      Someday we’ll get our girls together. 🙂


      • I let them cry it out, but in a balanced way… I let them cry for about ten minutes. If they didn’t go back to sleep by then, I’d get up with them and nurse them. If they weren’t actually hungery, they would often go back to sleep on their own. I would not let them cry it out if it had been at least 4 hours since they last nursed. If it had been 4 hours, I was sure they were they probably hungry, so I just got up with them right away. I sure hope it’s not caffiene bothering her. 😛 That be bad.


  5. I have always loved the way you treasure the moments with each one of your girls and have truly made your husband your hero. I definitely want to take a hint from you on this….


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